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Numero 2/2016

, January 24, 2017

Issue 2/2016 starts with an article by Julian Go, “Globalizing Sociology, Turning South. Perspectival Realism and the Southern Standpoint”, followed by comments by Fernanda Beigel, Charles Crothers and Wiebke Keim and the author's reply. The Essays section also presents contributions by Elisa Giomi and Elena Pavan on the article titled “Femicide in Italy.‘Femminicidio,’ Moral Panic and Progressivist Discourse”, by Daniela Bandelli and Giorgio Porcelli. The Symposium “Why Élites Matter? A Sociological Assessment”, edited and introduced by Filippo Barbera, Joselle Dagnes and Angelo Salento, includes articles by Luna Glucksberg and Roger Burrows, Frédéric Lebaron and Aykiz Dogan, Johannes Hjellbrekke and Olav Korsnes, Eelke M. Heemskerk, Frank W. Takes, Javier Garcia-Bernardo and M. Jouke Huijzer, and two final comments by Mark S. Mizruchi and Shamus Rahman Khan. The issue is completed by five book reviews.