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Emotions and ICTs

Ottobre 2007, Pordenone
, October 22, 2007

Il 25 e 26 ottobre 2007 a Pordenone, in via Prasecco 3/A, si svolgerà il workshop internazionale "Emotions and ICTs".


The theme of the relationship between emotions and ICTs is attracting the increasing attention ofthe scientific community. Several scholars are contributing to this issue with very innovative work. ICT world consists of devices, signs and communication/information practices. Devices are material objects, technological artefacts but also intellective machines; signs (writing, images, sounds, voices, music) are material entities with a strong symbolic, expressive and so rational and emotional fruition, and communication practices use several systems of co-deployed semiotic codes aimed at sending and receiving messages encoded and decoded by reason and emotion at the same time.

Studies up to now have investigated three types of emotions in relationship with ICT: 1) the emotions provoked in its users by the device itself, 2) the emotions that technology mediates through the contents it conveys and 3) the emotional investment that users put into the device as a result of the first two types of emotions.

Several methodologies have been applied in the research projects which are available: semantic differential, semi-structured interviews, free associations, questionnaires and so on. And we can count on interesting results. But which might be the most appropriate methods of construction, collection and analysis of data on his theme? What might be the main research questions on the table?

This workshop is organized around a theme which corresponds also to the object of a study that Jane Vincent will develop during a Short Scientific Mission at the University of Udine inside the framework of COST 298 “Participation in the Broadband Society”. This international seminar represents also a very important moment of dialogue and discussion among a number of participants from doctoral programmes in Europe, including lecturers and PhD students. Last but not least it will also be part of the main activities organised to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Faculty of Educational Sciences at Udine University.



Thursday 25 October 2007

9.00-9.30, Jane Vincent (University of Surrey) Emotions, My Mobile, My Identity
9.30-10.00, Yinni Peng (Chinese University of Hong Kong) Emotions and ICTs amongst Migrant Workers in Southern China
10.00-10.30, Patrick Law (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) Migrant workers, internet cafe, and heterotopias
10.30-11.00    coffee break 
11.00-11.30, Joachim Hoeflich (University of Erfurt) Mobile Phone Calls and Emotional Stress
11.30-12.30, Leopoldina Fortunati (University of Udine) A Review of the Research on Emotions and ICTs in Italy
12.30-14.30,  Lunch
14.30-15.00, Anna Carola Freschi (University of Bergamo) Emotions and online political participation
15.00-15.30, Giuseppina Pellegrino (Università della Calabria) Learning from emotions towards ICTs: boundary crossing and barriers in technology appropriation
15.30-16.00 , Andraz Petrovcic (University of Ljubljana) Consumption of technology and technologies of consumption: Mobile phone, novelty and fashion
16.00-16.30    coffee break
16.30-17.00, Andrea Marini (University of Udine) The Emotive Brain: Neurocognition 
of Emotions
17.00-17.30, Georg F. Kircher & Isabel Schlote (University of Erfurt) Express yourself – The role of media in high emotional contexts
17.30-18.00, Lars Weide (University of Erfurt) Call Center Telephony and Emotions
Friday 26 October 2007
9.00-9.30, Naomi Baron (American University – Washington) The Myth of Impoverished Signal: Dispelling the Spoken Language Fallacy
9.30-10.0, Maria Bortoluzzi (University of Udine) A Global Warning: Storms of Emotions about Climate Changes
10.00-10.30, Nadia Berthouze (UCL Interaction Centre, University College London) The Power of Posture as a Modality for Affective Human-Computer Interaction
10.30-11.0,   coffee break
11.00-11.30, Fernando Ferri (IRPPS-CNR Roma) Emotion detection in Handwriting and sketch recognition
11.30-12.0, Ingrid Visentini (University of Udine) Utopia, Ethics and Technology: a scientific point of view
12.00-12.30, Giovanni Ferrin (University of Udine) Role of Emotions in Abductive Reasoning in ICT Usage Contexts
12.30-14.30 Lunch
15.00-15.30, Antonella Frisiello (Istituto Superiore Boella - Torino) Ageing and ICTs. Affective Human Factors in shaping new services for elderly people
15.30-16.00, Oana Mitrea (Klagenfurt University) Emotional Experiences with Modern Communication Media. A Comparative Analysis of Reactions to Mobile Telephony in the Context of the Co-existing Media
16.00-16.30    coffee break
16.30-17.00, Tom Denison (Monash University – Melbourne) Implementation of an e-Research environment: the importance of trust
17.00-17.30, Satomi Sugiyama (Franklin College – Switzerland) Decorated Mobile Phone and Emotional Attachment for Japanese Youths
17.30-18.00, Manuela Farinosi (University of Udine) Surveillance and e-monitoring of private sphere.
Keywords: Ict, emotions, technology