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BSA conference: Sociology in an age of austerity

dal 11-04-2012 al 13-04-2012
, December 20, 2011

L’11-13 aprile 2012 presso la University of Leeds (United Kingdom) si terrà la British Sociological Association annual conference intitolata “Sociology in an age of austerity”.


In navigating and understanding the turbulent times in which we find ourselves living, the contribution made by sociology is even more significant.  This conference showcases the work of scholars at the forefront of the discipline and attracts delegates not only from the UK, but also from overseas. Sociological theory and innovative methods will be brought to bear in placing recent events in their wider historical, cultural and social context.  Sociology is uniquely placed to provide insights into the social environment in all its variety, allowing for an enhanced understanding of social movements, political processes and personal troubles. The papers presented will provoke debate and, through the lenses provided by conference streams - such as social divisions and identities; religion; cities, space, mobilities and place; media, culture and consumption; families, relationships and the lifecourse - will explore the complex interactions which drive social and political behaviour.

Per maggiori informazioni si veda il sito: http://www.britsoc.co.uk/events/conference/.

Keywords: social movements, political processes, social divisions, identity