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Nuffield College (Oxford Unversity, UK) - Doctoral Studentships in Sociology

dal 3 dicembre 2007 al 30 maggio 2008
, December 3, 2007

Nuffield is an internationally oriented graduate college of the University of Oxford specialising in the social sciences. It is one of the leading centres of sociology in Europe with a special expertise in the development and empirical testing of middle-range theories.

Each year Nuffield College admits up to eight graduate students who are pursuing a degree in Sociology and related disciplines (social policy, social and economic history, epidemiology, and social statistics).  The small size and specialised nature of the College enable students to work closely with each other and with the Fellows of the College in a stimulating and research‑orientated environment. All students receive an office in College, and many also reside in College.

As part of its commitment to promote excellence in social science research, the Nuffield Sociology Group offers up to two Doctoral Studentships tenable from October 2008.

A Nuffield Doctoral Studentship covers all of the core costs of studying at Oxford: college fees, university fees (at the EU/UK rate), and maintenance.  It is currently worth £14,500 per year. It can be held for a maximum of three years and it is open to students starting their postgraduate research in Oxford.

Further information about the College or the Nuffield Studentships can be obtained by contacting the current chair of the Sociology Group, Peter Hedström (peter.hedstrom@nuffield.ox.ac.uk). General information about the College can be found on its website at www.nuffield.ox.ac.uk, and information about the Oxford Sociology Department can be found on its website at www.sociology.ox.ac.uk

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