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Call for papers, conferences, seminars.

Call for papers

ISA-RC16: Mid-term Meeting, Cultures and Civilizations in the Contemporary World
il 15-11-2011dalle 00:00 alle 23:59
September 20, 2011

RC 16, Mid-term Meeting, Cultures and Civilizations in the Contemporary World

June 28-29, 2012. Trento, Italy

RC16 of the International Sociological Association invites paper proposals for the mid-term meeting in social theory, which will be held June 28-29, 2012, in Trento, Italy. Papers are welcome on all topics related to sociological theory, broadly construed. If you would like to attend the mid-term meeting, please email your proposed paper title and abstract to RC16midterm@soc.unitn.it. The deadline for all proposals is November 15, 2011.

Call for papers

ISA-RC16: Best Junior Theorist Paper in Sociological Theory Award
il 30-11-2011dalle 00:00 alle 23:59
September 20, 2011

Call for Nominations

Research Committee 16: Sociological Theory of the International Sociological Association

RC16 invites nominations for the Best Junior Theorist Paper in Sociological Theory Award, which will be awarded at the 2012 Mid-term conference of RC16, to be held in Trento, Italy, 28-29th June 2012. The award is granted to the best paper in sociological theory authored by one or more theorists  submitted to the competition.

It is intended to provide motivation and recognition to a promising young scholar in  the field of sociological theory, as well as to encourage growing graduate student interest and participation in the ISA and RC16.

The award consists of a certificate with a citation and the travel costs (up to a maximum of 0) of the winner(s) to attend the mid-term conference of RC16. The winner(s) will present his/her (or their) joint work during a special session of the mid-term conference of RC16.

In order to be eligible for the award, the candidate(s) must be younger than 35 years. The submitted paper must have been published or accepted for publication no more than three years prior to its nomination or submission. Papers can only be authored by one or more young theorists; those co-authored with tenured faculty  members at a degree granting institution are not eligible.

The paper can be in any of the three official  languages of the ISA (English, French, and Spanish), to a maximum length of 10,000 words. The winner(s) must be a member (or members) of both the IS and RC16 at the time of receiving the award, and attend the mid-term conference of RC16 to accept the award.

Nominations and self-nominations are both encouraged. Please send (or have arranged to  be sent) an electronic copy of the paper by November 30th, 2011 to rc16juniorprize@soc.unitn.it as well as to the members of the selection committee: Giampaolo Baiocchi (gianpaolo_baiocchi@brown.edu), Sang-Jin Han (hansjin@snu.ac.kr) and Giuseppe Sciortino (giuseppe.sciortino@unitn.it).

Premio 2011 per la Sociologia politica europea

Dogan and ECPR Prize in European Political Sociology 2011
dal 28-07-2011 al 31-12-2011
Anna Carola Freschi, July 28, 2011

Lo European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) e la Fondazione Mattei Dogan conferiranno il premio internazionale Mattei Dogan per la Sociologia politica europea a Donatella della Porta, per il suo intenso e pregevole lavoro in “un ampio spettro di campi chiave per la disciplina (società civile, violenza politica, terrorismo, controllo dell’ordine pubblico, e soprattutto movimenti sociali) e per il suo impegno come coordinatrice di numerosi progetti di ricerca europei (su democratizzazione, contentious politics, attivismo)”. Già professore ordinario di Scienza politica presso l’Università di Firenze, Donatella della Porta è dal 2003 professoressa di Sociologia presso l’Istituto Universitario Europeo di Fiesole. La cerimonia di premiazione si svolgerà giovedì 25 agosto nel corso della prossima ECPR General Conference (Reykjavik, 25-27 agosto 2011).

Sociologia e dibattito pubblico in Italia

Due sociologi italiani ricevuti al Quirinale per presentare i risultati di una ricerca su mafie e aree grigie
dal 28-07-2011 al 31-12-2011
Anna Carola Freschi, July 28, 2011

È da considerarsi senz’altro un evento importante per la sociologia italiana un invito del Presidente della Repubblica a presentare i risultati di una ricerca. È infatti fonte di profondo dispiacere per chi lavora in questo campo disciplinare la scarsa considerazione che la politica universitaria nazionale riserva alla Sociologia, tanto nella didattica (la Sociologia, per esempio, è stata recentemente cancellata dai curricula formativi delle classi di laurea in ambito economico), quanto nella ricerca (esiguo il finanziamento dell’area 14 attraverso PRIN e altri programmi nazionali).

Transatlantic Conference in Berlin

The Public Mission of the Social Sciences and Humanities: Transformation and Renewal
dal 16-09-2011 al 17-09-2011
Anna Carola Freschi, July 21, 2011

The Public Mission of the Social Sciences and Humanities: Transformation and Renewal

Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB)

September 16-17, 2011

Sponsored by the Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB), The Young Academy at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities and the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, the Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences (BGSS) at Humboldt University, the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) and the Institute for Public Knowledge (IPK) at New York University (NYU).

With: Marc Helbling (WZB) and Andreas Koller (NYU), Jutta Allmendinger, WZB President, Craig Calhoun, SSRC President, Michael Burawoy (UC Berkeley), Wolfgang Streeck (MPIfG Cologne), Klaus Eder (Humboldt), Thomas Bender (NYU), Jacques Revel (EHESS), Rogers Smith (UPenn), Dagmar Simon (WZB), Stephen Walt (Harvard), Lisa Anderson (AU Cairo), Michael Zürn (WZB).

Conference Outline:

In the post-war era, many academic disciplines, especially in the United States, underwent an enormous professionalization and internal differentiation with increasingly self-referential scholarly communication, highly disconnected from the broader public sphere. As part of this process, large segments of academics lost their previously strong ties to non-academic groups (disembedding). However, the decline of the public mission of academia has not simply been linear and uniform across disciplines and regions – nor is this trend irreversible. This conference and the larger initiative on Academia & the Public Sphere seek to establish a more nuanced picture of the transformations of the public role of the social sciences and humanities disciplines, looking at the manifold interdisciplinary and transatlantic variations. The goal of this collaborative effort is to study those historical transformations comparatively and to search for pathways to the renewal of the public mission of the social sciences and humanities. Each panel of the Berlin conference features one speaker focusing on American transformations and one speaker on European transformations. Leading scholars from both sides of the Atlantic who have studied the history of their disciplines will analyze the historical transformation of the public role of their professions comparatively and critically. The conference can build on the ongoing Academia & the Public Sphere Essay Series that the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) is hosting as well as on the related research resources.

Source: http://publicsphere.ssrc.org/initiative-academia-public-sphere/