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Issue 2/2014

Issue 2/2014 starts with the Essay “Analytical Sociology: Bringing Culture and Identity Back In,” by Christofer Edling and Jens Rydgren. The Essays section also presents a contribution by Peter Abell, Teppo Felin and Nicolai J. Foss, titled “Microfoundations of Social Theory. A Response to Jepperson and Meyer,” followed by the comment “Crypto-Rational Choice or Complex Mechanisms?”, by Filippo Barbera and Nicola Negri. The Focus, introducted by Matteo Bortolini, is dedicated to “Social Knowledge in the Making”, a book edited by Charles Camic, Neil Gross and Michèle Lamont, with three comments by Johannes Angermuller, Kristoffer Kropp and Kelly Moore and a rejoinder by the authors. Nine book reviews complete the issue.

About Sociologica

Sociologica. Italian Journal of Sociology online is a peer-reviewed journal published three times a year. The journal publishes theoretical, methodological and empirical articles providing original and rigorous contributions to the sociological current debate.

Founded in 2007 and published by one of the main Italian social sciences publishers, il Mulino, Sociologica is one of the first international journals of sociology published solely online.


One of the main aims of Sociologica is to establish a close dialogue between sociology and society, between sociological knowledge and public debate. This is the intention behind Forefront (Primo Piano), that is built with inputs by the journal's editorial staff and readership, who may react to articles published in the journal by posting their contributions on the website.

Call for papers

Forthcoming Symposium - Rescaling immigration paths: Emerging settlement patterns beyond gateway cities


"Sociologica" is an on line journal which offer scholars and students the possibility to discuss quickly and seriously the more relevant topics of the discipline.
During the 2010 the contents are freely available, but a registration is needed.


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George Steinmetz

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Ester Cois (University of Cagliari), Managing editor; Rossella Ghigi (University of Bologna), Book review editor...