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Wiebke Keim

Wiebke Keim completed a PhD in Sociology at the Universities of Freiburg/Germany and Paris IV-Sorbonne/France. She led the research project “Universality and Acceptance Potential of Social Science Knowledge - On the Circulation of Knowledge between Europe and the Global South” (2010-2014) at University of Freiburg/Germany and has been employed as a CNRS researcher at SAGE (Sociétés, Acteurs, Gouvernement en Europe), Strasbourg University, since 2013. Her publications include Vermessene Disziplin. Zum konterhegemonialen Potential afrikanischer und lateinamerikanischer Soziologien [transcript: 2008]; Global Knowledge Production in the Social Sciences. Made in Circulation, with Ercüment Çelik, Christian Ersche, Veronika Wöhrer. Ashgate [2014]; Gauging and Engaging Deviance, 1600-2000, (with Ari Sitas, Sumangala Damodaran, Nicos Trimikliniotis, Faisal Garba. Tulika Press [2014]; Universally Comprehensible, Arrogantly Local. South African Labour Studies from the Apartheid Era into the New Millenium [Editions des Archives Contemporaines, forthcoming]. Her focus areas are history and epistemology of the social sciences, sociological traditions of the global South, sociology of science and knowledge, fascisms. Contact: wiebke.keim@misha.fr

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